Signed Contracts for Allocation of Funds to Local Self-Government Units for Energy Efficiency

Posted on : 6/30/2020


On 3rd June 2020, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Stevica Deđanski, signed contracts with representatives of 14 local self-government units that will receive around 160 million dinars in grants from the Budget Fund for Energy Efficiency for energy efficiency projects in public buildings within their jurisdiction. Funds were allocated on the basis of the Public Call for the allocation of funds from the Energy Efficiency Budget Fund to finance projects in the field of energy efficiency in 2019 in local self-government units, which was announced on 30th October 2019 and concluded on 2nd December 2019.

Following local self-government units (municipalities and cities) received funds for projects from the Budget Fund: Velika Plana, Ćuprija, Bački Petrovac, Kragujevac, Bajina Bašta, Ražanj, Subotica, Kruševac, Trstenik, Kraljevo, Ljubovija, Vranjska Banja, Boljevac and Priboj.

Funds will be used to improve the energy efficiency of six primary schools, two kindergartens, one community health center, one cultural center, one local self-government building, one student dormitory, one gerontology center building and a of public lighting system.

Total value of projects is around 250 million dinars. Local self-government units will receive around 160 million dinars from the Budget Fund, while local self-government units themselves will provide around 90 million dinars. 42 local self-government units have applied for the Public Call, and funds have been allocated for projects in 14 local self-government units (4 cities, 9 municipalities and 1 city municipality).

Budget Fund started working in 2014. So far 6 public calls for co-financing of energy efficiency improvement projects in local self-government units have been implemented and 91 contracts concluded. Projects are primarily focused on measures for the improvement of energy efficiency of the thermal envelope of buildings (replacement of joinery and installation of thermal insulation) and measures for the improvement of thermo-technical systems (installation of biomass boilers, installation of thermostatic valves, electronically controlled circulator pumps and devices for measuring the amount of heat transfer). Projects are most often realised in public buildings such as: preschool institutions, community health centers, primary and secondary schools and administrative buildings. The estimated energy savings are about 40 percent. 


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