The International Energy Efficiency Day Marked in Pančevo

Posted on : 3/14/2019


Pančevo is one of five cities which, with the support of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, marked the 5th March, the International Energy Efficiency Day. 

On the occasion of the marking of the International Energy Efficiency Day the town of Pančevo was visited by Miloš Banjac, assistant minister of mining and energy and Maja Matejić, UNDP Energy Portfolio manager.

Pančevo is one of three major cities which last year signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the UNDP with a series of activities related to the introduction of the Energy Management System in the city in accordance with the Law on Rational Use of Energy. At the ceremony organised in the city hall the participants were addressed by the mayor Saša Pavlov, who pointed to the significance of the Memorandum of Cooperation in order to improve the energy management system in the city of Pančevo. The presentations by the mayor Saša Pavlov, the energy manager of Pančevo, Biljana Đordan, and the technical director of the public utility company „District Heating“, Zoran Božanić, shed light on the activities implemented and results achieved in this area. The participants were addressed also by the assistant minister of mining and energy, Miloš Banjac and the UNDP Energy Portfolio manager Maja Matejić, who noted that the city of Pančevo was the leader among the local self-government units in term of developing advanced functions of EMIS, including the established automatic data exchange on invoiced consumption of heat energy and water with the EMIS (the so-called automated billing) and real time monitoring of consumption of heat energy in all buildings in competences of the city. Two of these buildings have also introduced real time monitoring of water consumption. Users of public buildings were in this way given the opportunity to get direct insight into hourly heat and water consumption. In addition to working on energy management the city was successful in implementing a number of investment projects of improving energy efficiency in public buildings. The key such project is the EE renovation of Sports Arena.

After the presentations, the assistant minister Miloš Banjac awarded the certificates to all end users of EMIS. A total of 90 beneficiaries from primary and secondary schools, pre-school institutions, city administration, public and utility enterprises, sub-municipal units, institutions of culture falling under the auspices of the City of Pančevo received training and developed capacities to collect and enter data into the Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

On the occasion of the Energy Efficiency Day an exhibition was staged in the city hall of children’s art on the topic „Save energy for a better planet“. After the presentations the mayor Saša Pavlov and the assistant minister of mining and energy Miloš Banjac, awarded pupils of primary schools from Pančevo with prizes in form of plaques, T-shirts for children with the slogan „Save energy for a better planet“ and educational board games for children related to energy efficiency. The prizes were provided by the German International Cooperation Agency GIZ and the German Development Bank KfW. 


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