Ministry of Mining and Energy

The Ministry of Mining and Energy is in charge of the operations of the State Administration related to mining, energy and natural resources development. Within each of these spheres and their specific resources, the Ministry creates the strategies and development policies, conducts the researches about sustainable use of resources and their exploitation, deals in safety, monitoring and other operations as defined by the Law.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy consists of the following sectors:

As the body of the State Administration which, apart from mineral raw material, oil and gas resources, etc, deals in energy efficiency, renewable resources, climate changes, environment protection and coordinating the activities related to the investments in energy, the Ministry of Mining and Energy is the lead partner in the implementation of the project ‘Reducing Barriers to accelerate the Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia’.

The Ministry participates in the project through the Project Board and the Biomass Support Unit (BSU). This unit, formed within the Ministry, will continue its operations after the investments realised through this project as a body which will direct the investments to biomass projects in Serbia.

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